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Google will bring its applications to the Windows10?

| October 13, 2015
Windows 10

Windows 10

Tanoshimini.com – A few hours before Microsoft held the launch of its products last night, there is a rumors that Google will bring its applications to the Windows platform 10.

The news was first revealed by the Arabic-language website on Tuesday (10/06/2015), and spreads through discussion site Reddit.

According to the site, Google’s support is focused on services other than the PC, because Windows users today can still access Google Web-based services, such as Google Docs and Google Drive.

Google’s support in this regard will be the mobile platform Windows 10, because in the new Microsoft platform has very few Google services.

Windows Phone users still have to rely on third-party applications to access Google services, like YouTube.

Microsoft also does not have the default Google applications such as messaging platform Hangout, Google Voice, or Play Music.

During this time, the absence of Google’s services in Windows Phone is considered to be a shortage of Microsoft, because Google also considers Windows Phone as a rival operating system Android product.

If the rumors are true, it is likely Google applications in Windows 10 can be used in many devices.

Therefore, cited from SlashGear, Wednesday (10/07/2015), Google applications created for Windows 10 is a Windows-based platform Universal App, which means it can run on all devices running Windows 10, ranging from desktop PC / notebook, mobile devices (smartphones / tablets), until its game console Xbox One.

The move could encourage users to adopt Windows 10, which in the end if the number of users more and more, can attract developers to create applications in the ecosystem.

So far, this rumor has not been proven because Microsoft did not mention Google’s new product launch event held on Wednesday (10/07/2015) early this morning.

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